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Features of the QVIX Shooters Scheduling System


  1. Matches shows with available crew.

  2. Tracks critical data such as show date, arrival and shoot times, driver, location, special instructions and assigned crew members.

  3. Calculates gross payroll for all shooters (Including commissions, hours, and expenses).

  4. Includes Employee/Shooter Photo ID Badge printing using your company logo in both horizontal and vertical formats.

  5. Tracks shooter/employee work assignments.

  6. Over 55 reports including check register, payroll report, show assignments (for mailing to shooters), addressing envelopes, labels.

  7. Full shooter/employee data reports including licenses and status.

  8. The system allows the user to compare the previous years show assignments with the current years show assignments.

  9. Allows for the storing and viewing of electronically scanned images of a customer driver, federal, and state licenses.

  10. Generates barcode-formatted reports for use in scanning in the results for fast show assignment after shooters select their availability.

  11. Supports full database backup and restoration thus protecting your data investment.

  12. All QVIX Software is Multi-User enabled at no additional charge and with no connection limits.

  13. Extensive reporting with the capability of exporting to a spreadsheet or to a shooters e-mail address or to your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android or other vendors tablets.

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