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Features of the QVIX Explosives Management System

  1. The first true Inventory/Job/Distributor/Equipment system for the explosives industry.

  2. ATF approved and Certified for computerized record keeping.

  3. This product meets and exceeds the ATF requirements for Computerized Recordkeeping as required by regulations in 27 CFR 55.122,.123,.124,.125, and/or .127.  This product also has an approved variance from the ATF for its usage as a "Computerized Record Keeping System".

  4. Built-in lookup/ verification of “D.O.T. EX Number” information for 1.3G and 1.4G products.

  5. Allows the user to easily create reports (Point and Click) and enter data with a minimum of training. We can also import product and customer information from Excel spreadsheets.

  6. Supports the explosives distributor including customer invoices and “Bill of Lading” for shipping.

  7. Allows simple product movement from one magazine (location) to another.

  8. Generates laser labels and supports full laser scanning of shows and customer orders.

  9. Standardizes your inventory reports in order to make it easier for reporting to the various governmental agencies that require the information you maintain.

  10. Helps speed up magazine inspections by having accurate up to date inventory data for the various people who inspect your magazines.

  11. Allow reports to be exported to different formats (Ex. HTML, Excel, Rich Text Format, Etc.) for use within their respective organizations. Includes extensive salesperson reports.

  12. Extensive product item information with full item tracking (Over 58 primary data fields).

  13. Supports multiple magazine and storage locations. (Also supports virtual magazines for grouping magazine reports as per ATF distance requirements)

  14. Tracks all product detail including multiple lot number, manufacture’s date, shift and weight (for magazine control and ATF reporting).

  15. Extensive reporting with the capability of exporting to a spreadsheet or to a customers e-mail address or to Apples Ipad, iPod, iPhone or other vendors tablets.

  16. Includes automatic calculation for equipment needed for job (racks, stands, misc. equipment).

  17. Complete customer tracking for private/public sales of products.

  18. Supports role level restricted access mode for salesperson or data entry use.

  19. Supports both Importing and Exporting of shows and customer orders to salespeople or other locations.

  20. Supports creating customer price lists in an Excel format for the user to enter orders. These Excel price lists can be directly imported into the system, thus dramatically reducing data entry keystrokes.

  21. Calculates and tracks product costs on a job/customer order or location basis.         

  22. Supports creating new shows/orders from existing jobs/orders (templates).

  23. All QVIX Software is Multi-User enabled at no additional charge and with no connection limits.

  24. Allows the user to select the firing order for both manually and electronic fired devices.

  25. Includes an extensive Purchase Ordering system for ordering, tracking and receiving inventory products.

  26. Supports customer photo/license ID image storage for identification purposes

  27. Support importing jobs QVIX Accounts Receivable System software.

  28. Supports a Multi-User and Multi-Location environment at no additional charge.

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