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Features of the QVIX Accounts Receivable System


The most advanced program for managing all your Invoices, Accounts, and Deposit Accounts for the Fireworks Industry.


  1. Tracks your invoices using identical fireworks billing related fields.

  2. Formats printing for many different types of labels, post cards and envelopes (Including window envelopes).

  3. Powerful user-friendly screen based report generator with many standardized reports already built in.

  4. Allows for paying groups of invoices.

  5. Supports the use of Promotion Codes and Account/Invoice Discounts.

  6. Supports salesperson control of reports.

  7. Maintains a complete history of both your accounts and the corresponding invoices for that account.

  8. All entries are fully time stamped for tracking.

  9. Designed from the ground up specifically for the fireworks industry

  10. Supports e-mailing of both Account Invoices and Account Statements directly to your accounts.

  11. Supports importing billing information and invoices from customers, shows and customer orders directly from the QVIX Fireworks Inventory System Software.

  12. Supports full database backup and restoration thus protecting your data investment.

  13. Generates complete Aging Reports for your Accounts.

  14. Generates complete Sales Tax reports including by County, City, or State.

  15. Supports automatic generation of Service Charges for an invoice.

  16. Allows for the creation of an Excel type spreadsheet of your account information based on a user set of preferences.

  17. Very fast, easy to use data entry screens.

  18. All QVIX Software is Multi-User enabled at no additional charge and with no connection limits.

  19. Extensive reporting with the capability of exporting to a spreadsheet or to a customers e-mail address or to your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android or other vendors tablets.

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