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QVIX-Fire II Computerized Firing System

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QVIX Shooters Scheduling System


Features of the QVIX Shooters Scheduling System

  1. Schedules shooters for all shows.

  2. Schedules shows for the year.

  3. Calculates gross payroll for all shooters (Including expenses).

  4. Includes employee/shooter photo ID badge printing using your company logo in both horizontal or vertical formats.

  5. Supports tracking all assigned show leaders and drivers..

  6. Tracks shooter/employee hours worked on shows.

  7. Prints many types of reports including check register, payroll report, show assignments (for mailing to shooters), addressing envelopes, labels.

  8. The system allows the user to compare the previous years show assignments with the current years show assignments.

  9. Maintains an extensive database of information for all shooters/employees used by your company including federal and state explosive licenses.

  10. Checks for duplicate show names.

  11. Checks for duplicate shooter names.

  12. Allows for the storing and viewing electronically scanned images of a customers drivers, federal, and state licenses.

  13. Generates barcode formatted reports for use in scanning in the results for fast show assignment after shooters select their availability.

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